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what we have done

Our Projects

  • Altius Minerals Corporation (Wilding Lake Gold Project, NL)
  • Anaconda Mining Inc. (Pine Cove/Stog’er Tight Gold Mines, NL)
  • Antler Gold Inc. (Wilding Lake Gold Project, NL)
  • Beaver Brook Antimony Mine (NL)
  • Cartier Iron Corp. (Big Easy Gold/Silver Property, NL)
  • Champion Minerals/MRB & Associates (Iron Ore Projects, Quebec)
  • Matador Mining Ltd (Cape Ray Gold Project, NL)
  • Marathon Gold Corp. (Valentine Lake Gold Project, NL)
  • Mountain Lake Minerals (New Caledonia Brook Gold/BM Property, NL)
  • Mountain Lake Resources (Little River Gold/Antimony Project, NL)
  • Sokomon Iron Corp. (Moosehead Gold Property, NL)
  • Tata Steel Minerals Canada/Labrador Iron Mines (Howse Iron Ore Project)

Integrated Mineral Exploration